Rokas Constructions SA is today the most experienced and specialized company in Greece in the sector of Port equipment, with presence in Greece and abroad. Its product range includes Container Cranes, Special Vehicles for the handling of Containers, Port cranes (of multiple uses) and Ship Unloaders.

Astakos Terminal

Here are some of the most important projects that the company has undertaken in the sector:

• Eighteen Ship to Shore Gantry cranes, with capacity of 50 tons, for the Ports of Salonika and Piraeus and for Astakos Terminal.

• Ten pieces of Rubber Tired Gantry cranes, for container handling for the Port of Malta.

Port of Malta

• Transtainer cranes, 50T for Salonica port.

• Four pieces of special cranes 1000t for the Thessalonica Port Authority and two additional of 1000t and 600t respectively for the Volos Port;

• Two pieces of Ship Unloader cranes, with capacity 500Τ/h and 900Τ/h respectively, with electro-hydraulic mechanisms in Aqaba (Jordan) and Paradeep (India).

Port of Piraeus

• Six pieces of Rail Mounted Gantry crane for container handling for the Port of Maersk, Inc. (APM Terminals) Norfolk, Virginia, USA (2006).

Port of Maersk

Twelve (12) container transport - handling rubber-tired gantries (RTGs)
for the Port of Charleston, U.S.A.

Gantry Type Grab Unloaders, with cpacity 32 ton,
for the Port of Koper in Slovenia.